10 years?!!!!

October 15th, 2010 by De Onion

So today we see the headline: Ten years for guman who shot teenager in the back … and that’s it?!

The 10 year sentence was a mandatory minimum, so presumably the judge would have gone lower had the option been available. It’s sad.

If someone is involved in a gun crime they should be deemed unfit for society and spend the majority of the rest of their life behind bars. Guns end and ruin lives, and using one should ruin yours.

Everyone has a sob story. Everyone has a momma. Everyone just made one mistake (except for this guy who has a history of violence). The only thing that makes me uncomfortable about the whole thing is that our current court system is almost designed to make accurate memory recall impossible. If we were to design a system to ensure that people had the least accurate memories of events then we’d do it by interrogations and descriptions of events in unfamiliar and stressful situations filled with other people and distractions… but that’s another story.