Out… but not over.

January 28th, 2008 by De Onion

I have only updated this a handful of times in the past month and am now putting my time elsewhere.

My favorite Bermuda Blogs at the moment are Vexed Bermoothes (practical sensible solutions), Bermuda Radical (spot on, we just need to convert him into an incentivist).

So yeah.

Maybe I’ll be back, but I’m busy for the time being.

Fun with debt…

January 23rd, 2008 by De Onion

Fun times ahead for many of us as people like George Soros calling for a major recession.

Last time (post-tech bubble) was from equity excess… this time it’s debt and a major breakdown both in the financial responsibility of the US government and the debt originators in the United States.

Let’s just hope the Bermuda banks have been more sensible (and by and large I suspect so).

Corporate culture.

January 13th, 2008 by De Onion

It’s important to remember that the reason that International Business has not left as many predicted after the PLP win in 1998 in a large part because the PLP has by and large not followed through on promises at all… in an area.

Can we please stop repeating the mistruth that IB will leave… they’ll only leave if the PLP start doing what they say they’ll do, since the PLP will never be honest or competent we have little to worry about (except declining quality of life due to constant mismanagement, something that BeachLime touched upon that I want to write about at length later…).


January 3rd, 2008 by De Onion

Like a lot of people I am re-evaluating my commitment to Bermuda… since another few years of reactive non-government is likely to result in further declines in the quality of life on this island (more cars, more building, more crime, worse basic government function) and combine it with negative rhetoric and BS.

In the mean time, here’s a nifty article about how drugs may replace sleep. I would use them…

A nasal spray containing a naturally occurring brain hormone called orexin A reversed the effects of sleep deprivation in monkeys, allowing them to perform like well-rested monkeys on cognitive tests. The discovery’s first application will probably be in treatment of the severe sleep disorder narcolepsy.