Coming out swinging

September 30th, 2010 by De Onion

While I don’t agree with Phil Perichief’s politics, it’s nice to see him come out swinging with common sense. My biggest problem with the PLP is that people are required to check their conscience at the door when they leave Alaska Hall – abundantly clear the difference between Wayne Furbert’s constant press leaks in the UBP and his silence in the PLP.

Here is what former Attorney General Phil Perinchief had to say about Dr. Ewart Brown’s time as Premier of Bermuda.

In truth, the legacy and political epitaph of Dr. Brown should be prefaced and read as follows: “The Administration that should have never been—Moving Bermuda backwards five steps at a time whilst giving the sensation of moving forwards”.
Dr. Brown, in a self-centred, orgiastic and narcissistic flight of materialistic avarice and greed; has in four short years respectively brought this country and the PLP to the brink of financial disaster and internecine disunity.We all will rue the day he took office.