America’s Cup Should Benefit All!

December 10th, 2014 by De Onion

As an international business worker I feel that I will be left out in the cold while the benefit of the Cup instead flow to:

– Tradesmen, the carpenters, masons, electricians who build the facilities for the Cup.

– Hospitality workers who will feel an influx of tourists both over the next two years thanks the frenzy of the Cup and over coming years and decades as Bermuda’s image is permanently enhanced by all the exposure.

– Taxi drivers who will be busy ferrying the visitors around the island and sharing our landscape and history.

– Musicians and entertainers who will find themselves playing for packed houses of visitors and thousands of YouTube viewers hungry for Bermudian culture.

– Gombay troupes who will undoubtedly find fame from their amazing displays.

– Dockyard (obviously)

– St. Georges which will see a flood of visiting yachts for the Cup and the great sailing.

– Landlords who will not only find benefits from renting to the high-end visitors coming for the Cup but also more modest accommodations for all of the teams and support staff.

– Landscapers, photographers, and videographers who will play their part to make the island look beautiful to the world.

– Minister Grand Gibbons who already has everything in the world but has now outdone even himself and been a true credit to Bermuda by bringing this event to our shores.

– Entrepreneurs who see the opportunities that will come to sell Bermuda’s art, culture, and lifestyle to the world. Here are 4 opportunities that anyone except a reinsurance accountant could do:

    – Bermudan books. With the rise of the Kindle and iPad it is easier than ever to self-publish a photo book, cookbook, anthology of Bermuda stories, etc.
    – Bermudian clothing. There’s no doubt that people will be looking for the complete Bermuda shorts and blazer and with modern contract manufacturing it is easier than ever.
    – Bermudian art. Millions will see the natural beauty and beauty of our people and many will fall in love and want Bermuda art in the form of photographs, painting, sculpture, and even custom Gombey masks.
    – Bermudian experiences. Each of us has unique knowledge of our island that we can share with guests from tours to home cooked meals.

Meanwhile I and other international business workers will be stuck picking up the crumbs from the Cup in the form of a half dozen Dark N’Stormies and some hors d’oeuvres at a corporate tent while the caterers, waiters, bartenders, liquor wholesalers, and taxpayers reap the bulk of the benefit.