Riddle me this…

So, we’re seeing a public-private partnership to build large docks. Smells like an opportunity for more legal corruption.

Cross Island Marina will be built under a private-public partnership between the West End Development Company (Wedco) and South Basin Development Ltd….

“The multi-phased Cross Island Marina project will offer approximately 200 slips, along with support and club facilities. It will include a mix of slip sizes —100 to 250 feet and possibly in excess of 300 feet long — to accommodate both mega-yachts and those smaller in size. The marina will offer exceptional services for yacht owners, captains, crews and their vessels and it is anticipated that a large number of local yacht owners will take advantage of the new facility.

Here are my questions:
– Who is “South Basin Development Ltd.”? EVERY SINGLE SHAREHOLDER.
– Has the contractor been chosen? ie. is this just to keep Correia’s Gravy Train continuing after the cruise ship terminals and other Dockyard work is finished?
– Is it going to be public risk, private profit?
– Why would mega yachts come here to be serviced?
– Is there a shortage of slip space in Bermuda?
– How do the financials work? Who pays for what? How much will it cost?
– What local yacht owners (I can think of 5 “local” boats and some ferries that may be large enough to use such a facility)?
– Where are the people going to come from to run it/do the work?
– How will the average person be better off?

This smells like another hair-brained idea ripe for corruption and self-dealing. Convince me it’s not, given the history of government projects down there the burden of proof is on those claiming not to be crooked.

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8 Responses to “Riddle me this…”

  1. Charter Says:

    There is currently no entity called South Basin Development incorporated with the ROC in Bermuda.

  2. Onion Says:

    Typical. Hopefully the RG or Sun will dig and find out who is behind it.

  3. Dockyard Mega-yacht Marina « Bermuda Longtail Says:

    […] signs petition Dockyard Mega-yacht Marina November 12, 2009 There have been a few articles surfacing about the proposed mega-yacht marina in Dockyard including Ewart Brown’s comments […]

  4. Rose Says:

    The paragon of undrnstandieg these issues is right here!

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