Popular vote for Premier

What’s interesting is that the next OBA vote for its leader will in effect be the popular vote for Premier (at least from that side of the House’s MPs). Pay your $5 to the OBA, show up at the election, and you too can have a vote.

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2 Responses to “Popular vote for Premier”

  1. J Starling Says:

    Out of curiousity, what are your thoughts on the OBA’s, erm, missteps so far? Or, at least, their rather poor PR management?

    I’m thinking particularly of their handling of Mr Butterfield’s consultancy, the appointment of three aides to the Premier (Chief-of-Staff, Executive Aide, Press Secretary), the various questions concerning the Premier and ‘First Lady’ going to President Obama’s inauguration and now the trip of Mr Crockwell, Mr Dodwell and Mr Butterfield to NYC and the Bahamas to research Tourism Authorities (especially when Bahamas doesn’t have one)?

    They may all have very valid explanations, but the OBA so far is not doing a very good job at presenting them. As you seem to be an avid supporter of the OBA (as per this post) I’d be interested in hearing your view of things.

  2. J Starling Says:

    I’m also curious what you think about the policy reversal on the part of the OBA regarding term limits.

    In the run-up to the election the OBA made a number of promises, including that they would not abolish term limits without at first conducting a two-year review of the policy (during which they would be suspended).

    They made this promise a few times, especially in direct reply to PLP accusations that the OBA was lying and would abolish term limits without the review.

    And now we have the OBA doing exactly what the PLP said they would.

    Whether term limits is a good idea (needing tweaked, perhaps) or a bad idea (needing abolished) is not the issue here. The issue is the OBA saying one thing and doing the opposite.

    There is a clear break of their promise. Like Mr Roban points out, what other promises of the OBA will be broken next? Why should anyone trust the OBA at all anymore?

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