Who am I?

The basics:

Twentysomething Bermudian with an affinity for science, progress, economics, justice, and education.

I don’t want to write on the current political headlines – for that there are other blogs (www.politics.bm , www.limeyinbermuda.com , www.imho.bm , www.progressiveminds.bm , www.dpitcher.com , www.bravozulu.bm , and probably others I’m forgetting) that do a far better job than I could. By nature, most of the daily political news is short-term and petty. I would rather avoid getting into that personal squabbling and faux-partisanship that has plagued other bloggers and instead focus on longer term fundamental looks at issues.

With that goes the disclaimer: It is rare that I will consider everything when writing a post, and so I do not preclude the possibility that I will change my mind entirely about something after writing. Comments that add value in this regard will be much appreciated.

I can be reached at deonion@newonion.com