What are we thinking?

I wrote this back in August 2007…

I think I’m going step back from blogging for a while.

Right now I’m a bit torn – at one hand I think there is a lot resting on this next election, and on the policy of the the policy of the next five years in that these years are the ones that are likely going to play a huge role in determining the lifestyle of my children in Bermuda – or at least the Bermuda they will be born into. At the same time, I have the options and skills necessary to work anywhere in the world and make a good living… and with a little more work to get some letters after my name I’ll be in a position to make bank anywhere in the world. I don’t need Bermuda, but I love Bermuda.

Reasons I’m fearful
Anti-white racism is becoming more acceptable.
– hostility to whites at the Premier’s Q&A
– friend getting called a “white bitch” and spat at
Government is resorting to lies, damned lies, and statistics to attract support
– tourism statistics
– graduation rates
Government is spinning reality with professional spin artists
– Premier’s personal staff
– Premier has said that he will never lie – but may not tell the truth
The environment is being run over
– unplanned, poor building control
– new hotels without consideration of the social or environmental costs
– longline fishing
– importation of soil
Judicial system is unable to prosecute both common criminals and white-collar theft
– I sat on a jury and a thief walked free on a technicality
– BHC (’nuff said)
Complete lack of governmental accountability
– hundreds of millions unaudited
– millions over budget on a number of projects
– millions allegedly stolen and only one prosecution

So if we’re not careful we’re going to end up on a 21 square mile island that formerly was home to unique species, sea life, and trees replaced by Brazilian Peppers and concrete with a population of 80,000 with only a few hundred more housing units, a whole huge band of society who will always be poor because their often single parents were too busy fighting to survive to deal with parenting, while the contractors who build hotels, the locals who grease the wheels, and the foreign investors who own them make millions, politicians totally lacking any sort of moral fortitude rob the citizens blind and tell us that we’re getting laid when we’re really getting f*****, an opposition called “house n******” when they do any critical thinking, a generation of educated, talented young people who see the negativity and choose not to come back to Bermuda, choosing life in the cold rather than deal with the bullshit at home, prisoners who come out of jail and commit another crime because it’s the only thing they can do to survive, the dirt poor dying in the street because they can’t afford healthcare, and somehow I’m not HAPPY about this? What is wrong with me?